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Wi Fi no internet access

From past few days I'm facing a problem with wifi on my zenfone 5z. I connect the wifi and it shows no internet access whereas at same time my 2nd mobile zenfone max is connected to same wifi and has no problem with wifi. I'm having same problem with...

Guri27 by Rising Star I
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Latest firmware's (and some old) bug on 5Z

[.46 FW] The battery led doesn't change to green when fully charged if the phone is charging while turned off.[Android 10] Battery drain is two times worse than the first Android 10 Stable, and ten times worse than Android 9.[.46 FW] The volume contr...

BrunoF20 by Zen Master I
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Asus at least reply in the discussions

The Asus developer team, Please bother to reply when we add new discussions bcuz that's why we add them.You people don't inform us about things, Nor comfort us (The Users) By at least saying something good to let us and to let us know that you people...

Sufyan by Rising Star I
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Asus zenfone max pro M1

Why does the Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 phone when connected to the Bluetooth speaker sound slowly even though the volume is full ,? when the song is high bass suddenly a small voice

Lower Score With Aeroactive cooler on

New to this forum and I don't know if I'm in the right place sorry if I'm in the wrong one but I have a question I did a Geekbench to see it's performance it's great and all but I've tested with the cooler off the ROG Phone which is zs600kl or ROG ph...

Y653B3W19JAI.jpg E8I8MUQO8NO1.jpg

HDR++ and Night Mode

Please for the next update bring Hdr++ and night mode for asus zenfone 5z, i think it deserves it because zenfone 5z still a flagship.

Max pro M2 security level

For when the security level update. It's March and the last update is on December 5th. ASUS should protect its customers more quickly.


Bluetooth audio silent bug in asus 5z.

Hello Asus team,I have updated my 5z to android 10. I have noticed bluetooth bug in the phone. Audio become silent while using bluetooth means that fluctuations occurred. I have performed factory reset and safe mode boot but no success. Pls provide ...