ROG Phone 2 - Volume button stopped "clicking"

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So me and my friend both got a ROG Phone 2 and he messages me about the warranty on it since his volume button randomly stopped clicking and its become like hard to press, I try mine and its fine so thought it was just a random issue, fast forward not even 24hours samething happens to mine.

The button is now pretty hard to press and doesn't have any feedback or clickness to it (almost like its stuck or something?)

Anyone else get this issue? Bought it overseas so gonna have to try and figure out what the warranty is.


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    First this is the forum for the ROG phone 1 not 2.

    Overseas buying for the warranty is must be send from where you buy the phone. But you got a strange defect on your phone to. Ask someone on the ROG phone 2 forum and i hope they can help you out.

    Here is the link for the ROG Phone 2

  • Hey, ROG Phone 2 doesn't come with International warranty.

    You can have a check at your local service center, the same maybe on chargeable basis.

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