Fast charging issue with ZenFone 6

abhimathew22abhimathew22 Level 1
edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6

Hey All,

From the past week my 6z isn't supporting fast charge.

I tried other fast chargers from Huawei & samsung and still no fast charging. since samsung allows "Smart charging, at least my Phone could be charged while as when using Asus original (charger and cable) pair and Huawei's pair, no charging at all!!

It charges for a few seconds and gives an alert of charging off and keeps on making that noise (ding.... ding .... ding...)

It is fast charging that my fone isn't supporting and shows 6-7 hours to full charge but charges up in 4-5 hours.

Please please suggest a way out or anything that could help.

PS : Schedule charging was off, no battery monitoring of any kind is active.



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