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My phone asus zenfone max pro m2 is getting switched off automatically I need to find out the solution


  • Hi I am also facing same issue since couple of days.

    My Asus Max Pro m2 switching off while call or sometimes when kept idle. Also battery shows sudden up and downs without connecting phone for changer.

    Recently I have updated my phone for latest update on last week of April.

    Please provide me solution.

  • Try doing factory data reset by backing up all ur data and then see if your problem is solved if u still face the same issue than it may be hardware damage issue like motherboard for which u can visit service centre and get ur device examined😊

  • Hi, I also have this problem since a couple of days ago when I updated my phone. I have done a factory reset. Does not make any difference.

    The phone does not switch off when the screen is off. However, if I put the screen to sleep or if it sits idle the phone turns off after a few minutes. It doesn't turn off straight away but after a couple of minutes.

  • Take ur device to service centre for checkups 😊

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    Brother your phone is also gonna get bricked like everyone's device. Yes , the update is buggy and I faced the similar issue like urs until my phone went dead and I was not able to switch it on since. Asus is a fraud company and if you go to the service center they will say you to change your motherboard and maximum of users who have faced this issue have their warranty expired so pay 10K instead.

  • Hi

    Is there any solution from the ASUS company for the automatic switch off. Suddenly fully memory is consumed and network is disabled by phone.

    tried with factory reset option, still facing the same issue.

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    I installed some camera apps one day on ZfMP. I usually keep it for charging overnight in mini bus ( . To my surprise the phone had shut down by itself. I long pressed power button for some 20 seconds, it opened up. I ignored it as a sporadic issue. But I faced the same issue once again yesterday.

  • Hi

    I am facing same issue. My phone is switch off automatically when it is kept idle for some time. Battery percentage up and down some times. Is there any solution for this issue.

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