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battery drain in asus 5z even after latest update

hi asus tech support/ mods.curently on latest updateww. patch asus 5z still facing battery drain even on mimimul usage ( no high graphis game / no video stream ) battery not even lasts a day..getting drained more than 70-80% wit...

Volume slider position misaligned (Zenfone 5z)

The volume slider is positioned in such a manner that's it's covered by the notch (notice the black portion, that's the notch part). I don't know if this issue arrived in .46 or when but noticed when playing a YouTube video and found that it persists...

Bluetooth security issue with android 8.0 oreo

 HelloI read in the news, that a very dangerous security issue has been found with bluetooth on android 8.0 oreo. You can find all the description on that link :The rules of the forum doesn't allow me to post a link ! But search for "bluetooth secur...

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Swipe-up Gesture Navigation Bug on Android 10 - 5Z

Hello everyone,After the update for Android 10, swipe-up navigation gestures not working correctly, if the keyboard is open and I use the back or home button it clicks on near keys. I recorded the screen showing the bug.I saw similar posts but I beli...