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Improvements to the Zenfone Max Shot (ZB634KL) camera app

Add watermark "shot on triple camera on Max Shot"Improve the speed of photo capture, it takes about 5 seconds to take a photo and save (sometimes not saved)Add slow motion featureAdd night mode

Matheus by Rising Star I
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Mirroring issue zenfone5z

Hello everyone,After the last updates, the mirroring function has stopped working. The phone detects the smart TV but doesn't connect with it. Only the YouTube app broadcasts on TV.

gcambie by Star I
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Charging problem in the asus ZenFone 5Z

The charging problem in the asus zenfone 5Z was not solved in the security patch given by the asus on 2 march and the battery draining issue is already there another thing is that the phone don't clean the recent application even if the user gave a c...

Zenfone 5Z wake up error

Hi friends I am unable to wake up screen ..Double tap to wake up isn't working & when I pressed power button also same issue wait for 5 second delay after opened the screen Any one resolve this problem !!!!

Major camera bug in Zenfone 5z [Android 10__WW.100.107.46]

Hi, After the January patch update i received this month with version number WW., the camera is not able to auto focus and everything is out of focus with the camera. Any picture i click is blurred. Asus please fix the bug or provide an...

Battery draining issue and camera performance.

I am facing more problem on battery draining issue. Because I was not using phone for any other functions due to this. Because I won't carry charger along with me that's the main reason. If the battery life will be better I will also be more happy to...

GANJI by Star I
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Android 10

We are already in March and no Android 10.Zenfone 5 deserves this update