When charging mobile getting very hot

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Hello I have a Asus 5z when m charge this is getting very hot like fire n charger also. Battery draining very fast n not fast charge. Help me what can I do ? Sometimes I think it,s worst of money .


  • Yes.... Same with me.... Temp rises too much in only half an hour of charging.

  • Hi npuri183,

    Please make sure to update to the latest firmware version WW-

    Are you using the original charger?

    Have you tried with different chargers and cables?

    Thank you.

  • Yes..... I am on the latest version i.e. WW- and yes, also i am using the original charger and cable. Also this not to be in relation with any different charger as it is a device problem . But rest, yes with different charger also the device gets to hot in half hour charging only.

    Please rectify this problem.

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    It will get hot to some extent due to Quick Charge until it reaches 80% . After that it should be normal .Its better to notice temperature with back case removed .

  • Oh goshhh..... Without backcase???? Its volcano out there mann..... It feels like touching a hot utensil buddy..... Even i do less gaming.... Only 1 hour at a time it reaches 49-51 degree C.... I mean that's pathetic.....even normal using when 2.9 gb RAM is still available.... The temp rises to 42 degrees.

    Cmon man.... We have a flagship not a 10-15K phone we should be expecting not great but atleast a satisfactory performance???

    Pls asus look into this issue....its really driving us crazy.... Software issues that tamper with the physical performance drive us users crazy.... With the android 10 its getting worst.

    And pls asus dont say all these things that we kept our promise and we brought android 10 to the users now you should wait for more updates. That's your duty and work asus to keep up with your costumers,we have paid money and for this instance, goddamn 30K... Pls... You are not doing any favour for us bout bringing stable update... That's your work your duty to provide us with quality products and services..!

    Peace ✌🏻

  • It,s firmware version it,s ok or not when m check no update available shown.

  • Hi can you try the things mentioned by Y_ASUS?

    Also, how much battery life are you getting?

  • Hi, @ARP_ASUS, I have aldredy tried the things mentioned by @Y_ASUS. But still no. Luck 🤞🏻. I am using the original charger and a case in which the charger was bought 2 months back only.

    Yes, I have tried it with oneplus dash charger and samsung fast charger and results were not same. Using the dash charger the temp didn't rise as it did using the ASUS'S 18W stock charger/adapter. And also to note that the phone charged faster using it. And in case of samsungs charger well it neither fast charged neither the temp rose.

    I have tried with different cables as well same applies here, the results were not same. I even tried ASUS STOCK CHARGER In different fast charging phones and the temp didn't rose as it did in 5Z.

    So you see,according to me... Its all a software issue. Hoping a positive reply from moderators.


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