Asus rog 2 goust problem

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How to solve asus rog 2 goust touch problem. Can any one faced...


  • Ghost touch is hardware problem. I had this with my iPhone X and was solved replacing the entire screen.

    I suggest you search for Asus repair and having them take a look at your phone. If it was bought in the same country (Asus do not have international warranty, like others do) and your phone is still under warranty, they will have to repair it for free.

  • I have very low intensity Ghost touch while charging it's bearable.

    Yours looks like a very bad Ghost touch, better to get it serviced. And yes it is a hardware problem, software can't solve it.

    Just one suggestion check if glove mode is on in settings, if it's on turn it off and check again.

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    1st few days I have also bearble ghoust touch issues after few days it as increased. I checked glove mode off

  • Get it serviced at service center after lockdown. It is the only option.

    The last option before that could be hard reset, if you're not sure about whether it's a hardware issue.

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