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Resolved! [Resolved] Bootloader relock does not restore Widevine L1

Hello ASUS,There's several reports out there that after unlocking the bootloader and relocking it does not restore the Widevine L1 certification. Device remains with L3 keys only.Wondering if this is intended and why. Every other major OEM out there ...

Apps Killing in background

Apps are getting killed in background in every 10min if I'm not using it. On android 9 apps stayes in ram but in android 10 apps are getting in every 10 min. I have off the every option of battery optimization. But still apps are not staying in ram. ...

Pubg gameplay

After android 10 frame rate issues in rog phone 2 Frame rate fractuate ..

Direct video calling

Why there is no option of direct video calling through dialer. It sucks man that we have spent a premium amount for this phone and it is missing a basic feature that almost all smartphones are having these days. Can we expect it in next updates?

Calls not able to answer via Bluetooth Earphones

Earphones are connected and I can hear songs from YouTube and music players but when it comes to a call I have to talk via phone not through the Bluetooth Earphones. Faving this issue for past 2 days. Have restarted both earphones and mobile. Still f...

rxm0625 by Star II
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In the middle of my gaming the screen turns black & no operation is haooening while I using air triggers.Initially the problem was not there but after 2 monthsof usingbthe problem starts.Initially i thought that problem happens due to over heat. But ...

Air trigger

Seems like my right side trigger freezes while playing PUBG. Sometimes it works fine sometimes it doesn't. This got me killed a lot of times. Please any solution cuz I'm fed-up now.