Câmera app not show movie mode

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I think there is a bug on the stock camera app because there is no showed the movie modes (slowmotion, timelapse and other).

When use the open camera app and record using 120 fps, the slow motion get work on the review painel of the cam app. If the phone support why his app dont show the options.


  • Hi bmrmezenga,

    Could you tell us your ZenFone model and firmware version (Settings > System > About phone > Build number) ?

    Do you mean why doesn't the phone's camera support 120FPS or slow motion?

    Thank you. 🙂

  • Asus Asus_A001D



    Is the Asus Max Plus M2. ZB634KL

  • Is not it. The question is, if when using an app other than the phone's native one, like the OpenCamera app, it is possible to record movie at 120 FPS, and when opening this movie made in the device's native gallery the slow motion and export feature works perfectly, just like on my other Zenfone 5, why doesn't the native camera app support record? If the hardware allows, since it is possible to shoot using another app, the native software should allow it too.

    So, I think that is a bug because when change to the video mode and slide to show advanced modes, it is show only photo modes, show appear the advanced vídeo modes, like timelapse and slow motion.

  • See screenshots.

    On Zenphone 5 the slowmotion is hidden into the pro mode. On this phone there in no option.

    Inside options are the 60 fps mode (120 fps I think it is not supported, I have made a lot of tests, but no remember anymore) but when change to the 60 fps mode and go Record a movie, it record in 30 fps only.

    All crazy. On OpenCamera app, everything works

  • me too. can't play camera

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