Can we get any camera updates this year ??

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Rog 2 has good camera sensors but what I feel is there is lack of sharpness i.e gets a little blur even for a very little zoom .

There is night mode which is really thumbs down ?.

The slow motion is too dark .

Rog 2 has same flagships sensors like op7t or x2 pro but it's not giving good images as they do .

Maybe R&D team of Asus must work on this to fully optimise true potential of flagship cameras.

Can we expect any camera updates in future???


  • I get where you're coming from but the camera department is probably the last thing on the devs' list. Also, no offense but why buy a gaming phone if you're focused on the camera? There are better options for that but then again I understand the need to improve on an existing feature, I just can't see it happening any time soon. I'd actually buy this phone even with a 3MP camera just for QR code scanning.

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    No offense taken, because we love both photography and games! And big battery, front facing speakers, no notch, reasonable bezels so my fingers don't always cover a part of the screen. And we want one do it all phone at a decent price. And nothing matches Rog 2 in that matter.

    For the camera I can recommend 48mpx and portrait mode that really shine. You can check my photos in the share your photos thread. They are very sharp. Also avoid zoom because it's not optical and represents only a cutout (crop) of the existing frame. It cannot make decent magnification (zoom). This is a physical limitation which cannot be solved by a software update.

    To zoom I recommend shooting a normal 48 mpx photo and later crop in the gallery app. Sharpness will be preserved! So there is a partial solution for zooming issue. Best would be if the next generation would include 2x optical zoom.

    For night mode I can say that on my phone it's has been surprisingly improved in A10, although admins here said it would be the same. I see less noise while details have been kept. That said you do have to be very steady to avoid blur.

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    I forgot to write that 48mpx photo cannot be zoomed anyway. So take the picture and crop later the part you want it zoomed.

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