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After latest Android 10 update, I immediately factory reset my device as I am aware of lot glitches happen in these sort of updates on most devices. Yet after using it for weeks I have noticed quite lot of bugs. I don't know official way to report them so I'm writing is here. I'LL ALSO SHARE LOGS IF ASKED.

Bugs / Issues:

1. Significant frame drops during GPU oriented tasks. To quote an example, PUBG was supposed to play smoothly on HDR - EXTREME - ANTI ALIASING ENABLED settings. As was in pie. But there are stutters and drops everywhere. I tried dialing it down completely to SMOOTH-EXTREME and again it looks like 600-720p yet lots of frame drops are observed.

2) I suspect is because of poor GPU/CPU THERMAL management? temps were abnormal during the gaming sessions. Even hot for gaming Phone, mind you better physically cooled one too.

3) these frame drop can be seen rarely in ususal apps or System UI too .

4) mosts (70-80%+) notifications won't even play sound when they arrive. This is downer. And where basic issue missed during testing i guess.

5) biggest of all is, GHOST TOUCHES, sometimes when i touch anywhere on screen just notification shade gets dragged down. Click on homescreen icon or on menu or on navigation buttons nothing happens only notification shade gets pulled down. ( Happened 2-3 times with me), i had to lock and unlock or restart device to get it working correctly.

6) when connected to side usb port while watching movies or playing games, IT WON'T FAST CHARGE DEVICE. normal charging symbol is shown in notification shade. If i switch to normal down port, it starts getting fast charge.

@Anders_ASUS , can you confirm atleast which of these issues are considered / reproduced, and which of these are submitted in pipeline for patches. Please mention numbers as i wrote above.


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    I am not experiencing the above bugs maybe because i am not playing pubg or by not using the navigation buttons as i work with the gestures but i thought it would be wise to capture and share something strange, it is about a white tile appearing in the top half of the screen everytime i connect my bluetooth mouse (video included) and also one more bug i faced once after a restart was that my screen colors was really washed out but after a new restart everything came back to normal.

    Bugs aside it would be super handy if Asus could implement a notification volume slider (let's say under the screen brightness one) in a future update as it is what i miss the most so far and also it would be nice if dual window and screen frequency could be triggered by the air trigger squeezing.

    1. PUBG is unfortunately filled with bugs and performance issues. We have an open case regarding PUBG performance but we still haven't been able to find out how any of the lag experienced is caused by our system or hardware. It doesn't mean that we don't want to take responsibility, only that we haven't been able to find any connection. The main issue is that everybody complains about PUBG lag but not one single person has been able to give us a log where they can say "here, here it lags and it always lags here and it never happens on any other phone". If you want to be that person, then I would be happy to help you log your device.
    2. I can't comment without any log
    3. and you have never experienced occasional micro lag on other phones? Android isn't perfect. Most apps aren't perfect. But if you know a specific app where it lags quite often. Then I can try that same app on other devices to find out if it's the app or our phone.
    4. I would need a log for this.
    5. Need a log
    6. Need a log. My best guess is that your device is so hot that it charges slower in order to protect the battery.

    I will send you a PM with instructions on how you can log your device.

  • After the latest Android 10 update, I encountered PUBG dropped frames and the CPU was full for no reason

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