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Request the developers to add more apps in Twin App feature !

I would like to request the developers please add the option of other apps to the Twin apps mode so that users can clone other apps !Apps such as Tik Tok , Skype , Facebook Workplace , Wordpress ! Please Take It As On Serious Notes ! Thanks !

Jasveer by Star III
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FPS Drop Crazily After Android 10 Stable Update

Just a couple ago , I updated my Rog 2 phone Android via Fota . And decide to play Pubg Mobile . The only apps that this phone have only Pubg Mobile . Just using Rog for gaming . But unfortunately , I got this problem which make my screen stutter and...

frame rate drop

why is my frame rate drop rapidly,set at 90 but drop to 30,it happen at all games i play..anyone has thia kind of issue?

Poor Battery Performance

Hii bought My Asus Rog Phone II just a week ago and this is a 6000 mah battery. im not playing games, my screen brightness is low, im not using my Asus Flash light or anything and still its battery capacity is low it wont last a day. see here this is...


After OTA update to Android 10

OkJust got the OTA and update my phone.The phone did get warm and hot on normal usage(browsing web)Refresh rate did obviously drop a lot. Its almost like not even 60hertz. Significant better on 120hertz(not very much) on Chrome web browsingDrain batt...

jyun88 by Rising Star II
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Noticed some problems after updating to Android 10

1. UI feels quite laggy. Very much notifiable while using Maps by Google, as if the screen is not running at 120Hz.2. Poorer RAM management, apps close in background, webpages reload more often than used to happen earlier.3. Not receiving all SMS: Wh...


I have bug when playing Call of Duty Mobile, help me pleaseee ?

Screenshot Resolution

I have downloaded the seperate app to take HD Screenshots. Please improve the inbuilt screenshot feature.It takes only 200kb size of image please improve the quality of images I have tried to take screenshots in different settings such as JPEG and ...


Android 10 update

It has many bugs in these new A10 update and i am writing which i suffered in these few days after updated. I have 8 gb varient.1) it's heating when we charge it either we turn on mobile data on or not it's getting heat.2) back button gestures are no...

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About battery backup n update!

I have read somewhere that battery backup of asus rog 2 is degrading after updates ,so i want to ask asus rog 2 users .Is my device battery backup is fine?Also anyone from India have received Asus rog 2 A10 update(other then beta program members)