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A10 gesture is ANNOYING

This new A10 gesture is annoying.Hope @asus @LP_ASUS can fix this soon

jyun88 by Rising Star II
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Wi-Fi and Mobile Networks Frequent Resets

I experience Wi-Fi and mobile networks resets whenever I play games or use any apps that use internet connection. It started when my phone was still on android 9. I did some research and found out there are others who experience this kind of issue as...

Call exclusive mode

I request you to please bring back call exclusive mode in a small update package because this is the thing which we all need and I don't know how you all came up with the idea of removing it as it was an option for all of us I would say please bring ...

Asus Rog Phone2 inbuilt screen recorder issue

When I was playing PUBG Mobile I started Asus Rog Phone2 inbuilt screen recorder and my screen started malfunctioning and ghost touching and when I switched the screen recorder, screen started started working perfectly. Please look into the issue and...

Black Crush Issue on my Screen

In dark scenes there is black screen issue and watching experience is ruined. After reading different forums it is said that it is a software issue, if that's the case, then we need a patch.Can anybody please confirm this issue.I have also posted an ...

akhilj66 by Rising Star II
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how to enable USB debugging

hi there how to enable USB debugging ONcuz i'm want using program to control my phone on PC

Arjwan by Star II
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Android 10 bugs

My battery gets consumed very fast while the screen is turned off and battery is fine while am using the phone any one have the same issue?

pls any support here can answer me

hello there i buy asus rog phone 2 with mobile dock i really buy this phone cuz i'm playing pubg mobile and other game so i'm care only using keyboard and mouse with pubg mobile when i use the dock the mouse not moving great , the settings not even g...

Arjwan by Star II
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Audio wizard / chrome bug

Recently after resetting the phone due to battery drain and many other bugs I have encountered a bug .While using chrome searchy websites for each website load the volume becomes low but it will be showing 75% volume but sound becomes like 40% autom...

FOTA update

It's finally here, now the question is to proceed or not considering the multiple bug reports after the update. What do you guys think?