[Feature request] Do we need a native note app?

SoumyaRSSoumyaRS Level 2
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Hi guys,

I think we need a native note app from Asus. It's very useful when you want to note something down quickly and want to use it for later.

+1 from me.

What do you think?


  • OPCOPC Level 4

    I use One Note from Microsoft. It sync across all my devices

  • I agree with OPC that One Note is a good solution, especially for multiple devices.

    Thank you for the suggestion, I will pass it along. ;)

  • ImShreyImShrey Level 3
    edited April 2020

    I don't see the necessary of stock notes app, like this asus will add all your features in rom as apps or settings and we would be the same guys later complaining about BLOATWARE.

    There are some really good notes solutions out there, with sync across devices, try google keep with widget, Microsoft oneNote with widget, Evernotes or even pocket!

    @LP_ASUS please don't pass along.

    There are well reputed apps for basic things, don't be a samsung and make fork of every google app. I really love the new direction of no-bloat zenui by asus.lets keep it that way. Plz.

    Saw may people asking for apps like music player and etc but why? These are the app asus removed from older zenui, for good. Guys please stop asking asus to everything.

    If anything ask for apps like "RGB led flash Torch", which is unique to this device.that makes sense.

  • I see you don't understand what is bloatware and useful native app.

  • you could also use google keep, which also syncs across devices.

  • No company makes smartphone for one person or demographic. So if they make anything mandatory that could very well be the bloatware for some people and ofcourse not for others.

    What you are asking is some basic app that is available on PlayStore easily from multiple of big developers. And i don't see in anyway asus's notes is gonna out perform them, likes of keep, onenote, evernote. Its one thing to ask a feature or app that's not easily available outside, say call recorder/ 3 finger screenshot, theme engine, finger print animation, but notes app is though useful doesn't necessarily make it must have "NATIVE" app. Some day someone will ask for native pdf reader, doc, excel app, someone else will ask for music player, someone will ask file sharing app, that's end up being bloatware. Because not all people already using apps like keep, Microsoft/wps office, retro music player, gaana, wynk, jio saavn those people won't shift to native app. Its an example but i think you will get it.

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