Rog Phone 2 Armoury Crate / Game Genie for Livestream Problem

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Hello, this is my first time using Rog Phone, before this i never use rog phone, my previous phone was samsung

I just bought my rog phone 2 8gb version 5 days ago

i have 2 things to ask here

1. 3 days ago i tried the livestream feature from armoury crate, and it worked fine, i tried to livestream to youtube, after that i want to try it again today, and it always failed, the error is "Network Connection Failed. Stop Recording", i tried other account other connection other game, but still "Network Connection Failed. Stop Recording". I tried force close, clear cache and data, nothing changed. There is a "Search" function below live in game menu, i tried it and it say no network too, does that mean the armoury crate can't receive the internet connection? if yes, how to let armoury crate receive the internet connection? i turned on X mode, so it's not in saving mode

2. how to determine which account to use when you live stream? i mean if your google account has more than 1 youtube account in it, can you choose other youtube account? (it's called brand account in google)

That's all i want to ask, already search about those things and can't find any clue about it, end up making account here and ask, if you need screenshot to determine the problem, tell me what i need to screenshot

Thanks In Advance


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