Mobile Desktop Dock HDMI connection and controlling phone through Kunai Gamepad

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According to Asus website Mobile Desktop Dock supports HDMI 2.0 streaming 4K/60 Hz

I have recently bought LG C9 TV set which supports HDMI 2.2 and can receive 4K/120 Hz.

Having such a gorgeous 55" screen the Mobile Desktop Dock would be a perfect addition. Possibility to additionally stream sound to my home theatre and have the wired gigabit internet through Dock would be an amazing bonus. Everything would be controlled with Kunai gamepad.


1. Would it be possible through software update to achieve through HDMI 4K/120 Hz stream to the TV, or this is strictly hardware related? Is it possible as an option through Display port (out) to HDMI (in)?

2. Phone being plugged into the dock and streaming to TV, is it possible to control the phone through Kunai? Not just gaming, but also selecting apps, playing music, answering calls, texting messages and emails, etc.


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