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Can we get some support for seconds shown with time, battery percentage either on it's own or inside the battery, and a customizable lock screen clock please?


  • Yes, those are very simple and useful features. If the moderator can escalate this to the developer then we may get these features in upcoming updates.

  • You can enable seconds for the time. But you need a third party launcher like Nova to access System UI Tuner. By adding an activity to your home screen for System UI Tuner.

    Batter Percentage can already be shown in System Settings under Battery. Unless I am understanding that wrong.

  • I'll try the 3rd party launcher route for the seconds for now, but for the battery, I'm referring to the percentage being shown inside of the battery icon, as opposed to being displayed next to the icon. Currently, if I want to see the percentage, it has to be displayed next to the icon. There is no option to display only the percentage, or to display the percentage inside the icon (to save space / reduce status bar clutter), like there has been on pervious phones of mine.

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    Battery percentage shown inside the battery icon would be hardly legible with such a small battery icon. By increasing the battery icon in size you take a larger part of notifications bar. So what's the point? This kind of requests I see as nitpicking, having zero influence on functionality. Functionality, clearing of bugs, security updates, useful features like VoLTE should be priorities. But of course this is just my opinion which I don't want to force to others.

  • I don't see it as knitpicking at all. I personally think that having BOTH battery symbol AND percentage is the worst solution as it takes completely unnecessary space and is basically one showing the information in a good way (percentage) and the other basically doing the same thing in a less informative way (icon).

    To be able to turn off the icon and keep the percentage is one of the first steps I try to do on any new phone, and I would really appreciate if you would pass this forward guys! Keeping only the icon as is possible now is keeping the bad option instead of the good option. (personal opinion of course but it's a detail that makes a difference for many users ?)

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    To you it's obviously important. To me not so much. It's just a ma

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    Matter of personal preference,?

  • I was under the impression that differences in preferences were the whole point of having lots of options for customization, big or small.

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    Of course! But when updates are so much in delay I guess there is a priority list.

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