Android 10 for Asus rog phone 2 ?

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Waiting for Android 10 release date ? Any idea


  • Maybe after 11th feb not before that I assume as its Chinese New year they told .

  • Asus Rog 2 android 10 any date updated please reply me

  • We are also waiting for the reply , but fail to receive tho . All you can do is just wait and keep on checking the updates manually ,by any chance you may get suprised .

  • What the problem you faceing ASUS to rolling out the android 10 update

    You just use your most of stock android thats nice feature then what stops you published android 10 updates

  • They already forgot about it!. Now it's your turn.....

  • Maybe we get 11 instead!?

  • Dear Asus team,

    Is there any constructive date or news on the stable update of Android 10 for Rog phone 2? Please be specific instead of soon. I am hearing same complains from every member that the word "soon" has become present continuous.

    Also, let us know whether the phone will get support for Android 11 and 12 as well?

    To the point answers would be welcome instead of the monotonous ones you give to fool customers everyday.

    This is not a cheap phone. Spending 40k with October security patch is not cool and 'game-like'.

    What is see now is all that glitters is not gold.

  • I feel you brother but they ain't gonna help us and make me wait like this forever. Strange that a company can not promise a date for an update I'm seriously surprised . Beta strated on 28 of Dec 2019 maybe update our phone by this 28 ? Just a guess and I'm also ware of this fact that not matter how much we express our emotions,they will keep on ignoring us without any appropriate answer.

  • This phone cost me about $900 before shipping. The Ultimate Edition costs even more. Not a cheap phone by any stretch of the imagination. We have been told for months that the update is "soon" or "right around the corner", and now everyone thinks the update to Android 10 won't come until summer, if at all. People have dropped huge brands to switch to ASUS for this phone with the impression that they would receive timely updates, and many people are regretting their decision. People have switched from phones that already had Android 10 to the ROG 2, believing that they would be back to Android "soon". We are all fully aware that nobody wants bugs, but even if the update doesn't roll out tomorrow or even next week, all of these customers are asking for some transparent communication and are met with a stone wall. Communication makes or breaks trust and loyalty to a brand just as much as product. If customers don't trust a company, a large percentage of that customer base won't care how good the product is. They will leave anyway. Please respond to these people with something more detailed or relevant than "soon". Soon stopped being accurate a month or two ago; at this point, nearly the entire ROG Phone community feels lied to, cheated, and regretful for paying such a hefty price for a phone that has minimal support. This is unprofessional.

  • Agree 100%,already regret for money spendings

  • "Coming very very very soon. Not in a day or 2 but very very very very soon."

    "ROG is an not a normal device, it has specialised(god like) powers so it takes time to optimize software."

    "We are going to give bug free update even if its late because lots of users will be pissed of if something breaks."

    "Very soon, and around the corner".

    "Well why did you buy a gaming phone when updates are priority for you?"

    "Look even other gaming phone aren't updated either"

    "Well, we've already updated other phones like 5z, so we are not slow"

    "Takes time because they to have make sure all their 1000s of accessories work properly after update"

    Anything else guys? No offense but these are the things I've been listening from a long time. For god sake atleast give a proper timeline. Not the update, atleast a date?

  • Godlike powers,gaming phone... And it can't run pubg without lag with screen recorder on....forget 60fps it won't even keep 40 fps if i turn on screen recording..even 480p and lowwest what the hell...I wanted to make videos but I can't play and they haven't updated this decide from 3 months

  • I agree. They overly advertise this phone, which turns out to be mediocre at best. I don't find it exceptionally impressive. Furthermore, funtions that they advertise, which I thought to be expected for the price I'm paying, turns out to be restricted.

    Not to mention, none of the Asus personnel know their stuff. They are not aware of the promotions stated in their own website. They don't know the additional specifications of this phone. Now they don't even know when they are scheduling to release an update.

    This phone definitely does not worth the current RRP.

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    taking consideration of the price we pay for this phone. It is not a joke the price we are paying and the after sales optimization that are really lacking. I dont want to compare but from what i see, I know this is a gaming phone but it is a premium price for a gaming phone than BS2 pro and nubia red magic 3s and the premium price is just for the phone the accessories are premium too. Temp control goes to BS2. I dont know much of nubia but i guess they have good temp control too than ROG 2. for camera i dont know if they still have some optimization left for the camera. for the premium price that we pay hope that they still have some optimization for it. i know they can still do something about it if GCAM can still capture good pictures than stock camera.. for game optimization although they have some display optimization it still won't forcefully work even with the settings. For PUBGM. optimization it is hit or miss. Screen is very fragile and prone to replacement once drop. This is the first phone where I am very scared to even drop my phone. I dont know if it is with the 120hz but samsung has a 120hz display now waiting for reviews if it is as fragile as ROG2's screen.

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