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Android 10 for Asus rog phone 2 ?

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Waiting for Android 10 release date ? Any idea


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I agree. They overly advertise this phone, which turns out to be mediocre at best. I don't find it exceptionally impressive. Furthermore, funtions that they advertise, which I thought to be expected for the price I'm paying, turns out to be restricted.

Not to mention, none of the Asus personnel know their stuff. They are not aware of the promotions stated in their own website. They don't know the additional specifications of this phone. Now they don't even know when they are scheduling to release an update.

This phone definitely does not worth the current RRP.

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taking consideration of the price we pay for this phone. It is not a joke the price we are paying and the after sales optimization that are really lacking. I dont want to compare but from what i see, I know this is a gaming phone but it is a premium price for a gaming phone than BS2 pro and nubia red magic 3s and the premium price is just for the phone the accessories are premium too. Temp control goes to BS2. I dont know much of nubia but i guess they have good temp control too than ROG 2. for camera i dont know if they still have some optimization left for the camera. for the premium price that we pay hope that they still have some optimization for it. i know they can still do something about it if GCAM can still capture good pictures than stock camera.. for game optimization although they have some display optimization it still won't forcefully work even with the settings. For PUBGM. optimization it is hit or miss. Screen is very fragile and prone to replacement once drop. This is the first phone where I am very scared to even drop my phone. I dont know if it is with the 120hz but samsung has a 120hz display now waiting for reviews if it is as fragile as ROG2's screen.