My Bug/suggestion/Question list.

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S1. Armoury Crate: should work on landscape mode. ( We all know there's portrait mode games out there )

S2. Ability to limit fps from Game Genie or Armoury Crate profiles.

S3. More effects to System Lighting. I want something like burst flash on notification.

S4. Some icon on the corner to notify that I'm using twin app.

S5. Live stream to Facebook and other popular services.


B1. Launching a game from Armoury Crate sometimes limits Coin Master fps to 30. Sometimes switching apps helps, or vice versa.

B2. For some reason my screen didn't went off after 30 sec, I noticed after couple of minutes after using it and placing on the table. (Screenshot)


Q1. What is the optimum operating battery temperature?

Q2. There is ZenTalk community, but seems there's no way to access this forum. Do we have any app for this forum, so I could get notifications on my phone?

Thanks so much for this phone. Keep the good work.


  • B3. System lighting doesn't always lights on notification. But if I unlock or turn on the screen, and then lock it again then it lights on.

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    S1. I don't understand, it already works in landscape mode. And Game genie supports games in both landscape and portrait mode

    S2. You can limit to 60fps if you pick 60hz refresh rate. There are currently no plans on introducing a 30hz mode on ROG Phone 2

    S3. I will forward this request to our devs

    S4. You can go to recent apps. There you'll see if you're in the twinApp or not. But I will forward this request to our devs either way

    S5. I will forward this request to our devs

    B1. Sometimes there's a refresh rate issue with some specific games. It depends on their coding and there's not much we can do about it as all games use very different coding. In some games you can double the refresh rate from 30fps to 60fps by setting your system refresh rate to 60hz in the quick menu. You must also set the game to 120hz in the Armoury Crate Scenario profile for that game for this to work.

    B2. Does this happen frequently?

    B3. What app does it only work with once you have turned on the screen?

    Q1. As low as possible but don't be alarmed if the system temp reaches slightly above 50 celcius. The CPU is allowed to reach 80 celcius before it starts to throttle

    Q2. There's no app but you can place a webpage shortcut on you homescreen. Just press the top right menu button in Chrome when you're on the start page of ZenTalk and select "Add to Home screen"

  • S1. If I understand correctly, the armory crate settling doesn't apply of the game is launched from home screen, in this case if I want to find a game which is in portrait mode only, then I need to turn my phone twice before I can play.

    S2. I know. That's why it's in a suggestions category ;)

    S3. Thanks.

    S4. I know, that's why it's in a suggestion category ;)

    S5. Thanks

    B2. To be honest only twice.

    B3. Haven't noticed with anything else apart Facebook messenger

    Q1. I want to know healthy temperature range. So I believe as low as possible doesn't answers the question. If I freeze it I think it won't be any good :)

    Q2. Thanks for the tip.

    B3. Night mode even if turned off, I find it occasionally on.

  • S1. All the settings happen in Game Genie but most settings are only accessible via Armoury crate. So all settings will apply regardless if you start via home screen as long as Game Genie starts.

    B3. I can make it work on my phone so it could be that you have some power saving settings for FB messenger. Do you hear/see the notification without unlocking your phone?

    Q1. 45 Celcius isn't unhealthy unless you manage to stay at that level for hours. Then the phone will wear out faster but still not fast enough to break before you grow tired of it and want to buy a new one. I'm guessing the answer you want is a normal temperature and there's no answer for that because everyone uses their phone differently. You just need to know that it's very hard to break your phone from high temperatures. It will tell you either by message or by system/app crash or weird glitches before it takes any damage to the hardware. Whenever that happens, just let it cool of for a while and you can continue

    Your night mode might have an auto on/off based on time or sunset(location).

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