Professional dock with key mapping issue.

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I have issue with Professional dock while playing pubg mobile.

The control via keyboard and mouse is not good at all. Seems like there is delay or slow response. While aming and try to look left and right , the movment is not accurate. Beside that moving using AW,WD,AS,SD is not proper, feels like it take the first key and then the other key but not both at the sametime. Also we cant use one key more than once.


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    Yeah, best to stick with touchscreen

  • Using a mouse on Android is just terrible in general. No matter what type of connection or mouse I use. They have terrible delay.

  • I can start of with saying that this solution will never work as well as if the game would have generic mouse and keyboard support. To translate the logic in how you use a mouse into the logic of touch on the screen is not as simple as you may think.

    With that said, it should still work ok. Not as good as when playing on a PC but it should still provide you with some benefits

    When you say delay, how much delay are we talking about? 250ms? (1/4 of a second)

    The issue with the mouse movement is that acceleration works differently from when you use a mouse or slide a finger. We translate your mouse movement into touch in the same way for every game but they all behave differently. You just have to find a combination of sensitivity settings in Game Genie and the in game controls together with how you play to find the best solution

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