Location error in Weather App

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Please give an option to uninstall that useless Weather app or please update the app.

*** This is my current location. ***

*** This is the location that useless Weather app showing. ***


  • Also that i allowed location for AccuWeather. So please don't reply me regarding location permissions and my internet connectivity. Please update the app or give an option to uninstall it so the users who don't like it they can uninstall it.

    Thanking you.

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    I believe it's not the app in itself but rather that AccuWeather doesn't have data for your exact location and Munnangi is the closest area it has data for.

    If you don't like the built in app, then simply don't use it. It won't wear your system down and you can always hide it if you don't want to see it. You can find this option if you long press on the home screen -> press preferences -> hide apps

  • Sorry for making you angry sir but it not the closest area to me it is a 60km away where I stayed for 2 days due to some work after returning to my home the weather app not updating the location I faced it many times the app is taking so much of time to update the current location. So please look into it and update the app sir.

    Once again sorry for making you angry.

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