Scratched Screens on meanwhile 3 ROG Phone 2 devices

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Hey there,

after some back and forth shipping of devices because I thought my first problem could be fixed by sending my phone back to my service provider:

I now received two phones and both have scratched screens out of the sealed box. The first one did also but I didn't note this to the service provider.

I also noticed that the phones are not send with any screen protection so they can move in the box and all hard enough particles can scratch the screens. Or maybe this happened in the manufacturing process?

The scratches are really thin but good to see with bare eyes. This should simply not happen on a device that's so expensive!

Also ASUS was ALWAYS a synonym for quality for me. I buy and recommend ASUS products since the pentium 3 era. This is a long time. And of course I will do it further in the future.

So, is this something, other people encountered? Or did you even check for that?

And this is just one device. Again, I don't think that ASUS doesn't care. But mistakes are there to be fixed. So please use a screen protective layer of some kind before you ship something to your customers!

Is it also maybe possible for the mods and admins here to reach out to some person in charge and make this problem aware to them?

Have a nice day


  • The phone will already be covered in plastic cover .

    How did that scratches enter the screen and also Rog 2 has GORILLA GLASS 6 protection on front .

    It's very difficult for it to get scratched. Even i am playing games and using this mobile without using screen protector still there is not even a single scratch i could see when i clean my phone

  • Please do some research before answering to a fellow user. i own the device and i observed that the device is getting scratched easily no matter it is gorilla glass 6, it still gets scratches. i only put it in my pocket few times and other day i observed that there were scratches just like he have on his phone. Only difference is that his phone came with scratches which was not in my case. i had a wrap over my phone when i recieved it.

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    I don't think the device got scratched after it got placed in its protective cover but before. Might have happened during the packing but they probably did not notice and continue to pack it.

    If the scratch is not too deep you can fix it with a Quixx Glass scratch remover.

  • Yeah, My thought also was that this happened during the manufacturing. As you can see on the second photo, there are even scratches in parallel. Looks like there were some metal or dust/sand particles on the manufacturing station/table.

    Would you also buy a new car for the full price if you see scratches, just to fix them later? ;)

    In my opinion, things like that shall not happen, especially on premium devices. The interesting thing is that I didn't discover any scratches on the back. They were all just on the screen. And I repeat, on 3 devices. But never the same scratch pattern.

    That's just something, ASUS has to pay attention to. Like I said before, the ASUS brand is kind of a synonym for quality for many people. I have ASUS hardware that's more than 10 years old. It still works like the first day and only one time had to return a Motherboard because of a bad sound chip.

  • A plastic cover / bag with more than enough room for dust / sand / metal particles.

    The dust just had to enter the room between the plastic "bag" and the screen surface. And then by sliding the phone, screen down, into the box, this could have happened. Or maybe while they were manufacturing the phone and had it laying screen down on the table.

    As you can see, these scratches are not that deep and especially on the second photo there is a pattern of two parallel scratches that look like the phone was moving over something.

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    I would say it's a matter of quality control. Mine came in mint condition and I was positively surprised by the premium feel and look on the phone as on YouTube videos it didn't look that good. But there is definitely a place for improvement in quality control. Those scratched phones should never left the company. Also Akash Gupta said his phone got scratched in the pocket. I have it since October, have no screen protector, just use the case which came in the box and doesn't really cover much. I take it in the pocket as well on a daily basis, play a lot is Asphalt and the phone looks like it just came from the factory. I wonder if the are all made in the same quality?

  • I have the Indian version which i ordered from flipkart (Indian asus seller) and most of the people even my friends who bought the phone are afraid to use the phone without screen protector as they had small scratches on the glass. maybe it's because we indians have rouch pockets ? who knows

  • Totally agree but if the screen is great other than the scratch then I would just grab a Quixx Glass scratch remover and polish it out if the scratch isn't too deep to fix. Great screen meaning there is no grey uniformity issue.

    The question you should be asking is what is in the pocket of the user. You are still able to get some scratches on a gorilla glass 6 depending on what's rubbing on it. Gorilla glass isn't scratch proof but scratch resistant.

  • I am using the Indian version for the last 4 months and i used without any back protection and screen protection for 2 months and i travelled a lot and yes i did put it in my pocket along with other random stuff but never with keys , the screen does not have a single scratch till now . But i do have a high end screen protector now ( didn't wanna push my luck ?) . I believe it is gorilla glass 6 and it is tough .

  • There's really nothing we can say here. This is something which needs to be taken with the place of purchase and then it's up to them to talk to ASUS.

  • Like I said, 3 brand new devices and all had scratches on the screen out of the box. That would mean that I pay 1000 bucks to finish the work of ASUS and do their quality control.

    If those scratches had happened while I was carrying the device or somehow through my handling, I would of course look for a solution to fix my mistakes. But not if they are in there since they assembled them or when it happened while shipping.

    So your argument and advertising seems to be completely displaced in here since the topic is about freshly shipped phones with scratches on the screen which clearly is either a design or production workflow flaw and nothing the customer has to care about.

    That's a pity that in fact those who talk directly to the customers, do not have a way to bring informations to those who can change something. Especially in a case that's not minor. Three of three devices are a clear pattern of something going wrong. That's about 3000 bucks worth of garbage as my devices probably go back to my selling point and from there maybe to you and then probably get burned/recycled. This probably also costs some money. And all this could have been prevented by just put a 0.1 cent expensive protective layer on the screen somewhere at the beginning in the production chain. :(

    I am seriously happy for you as I think that getting a flawless device seems to be like winning in the lottery. :D

    The overall look and design is clearly awesome. Even if the "air vent" opening is an easy way for liquid to get into the phone. so no calls in the rain, I guess :D

    Those scratched phones should never left the company

    I 200% agree.

    I wonder if the are all made in the same quality?

    That would be a trailing question I guess. More customer reports were great.

    Thank you all so far for your comments and posts. I hope more people show up here and maybe share photos of their freshly unboxed phones.

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    I wish you will finally receive a phone with mint screen!

  • My point is, look on the bright side of things. If you can fix it. Just fix it. To me going back and forth with returning and getting the device again is quite frustrating.

    Of course the quality control is a problem but sometimes we customers can't do much about it and that is the sad truth. No one should even be fixing their own devices.

    From experience, I always go for the first batch of phones that come in, some how I don't know why the first batch always seem to be the batch with the least issues. Again quality control does not seem to be consistent.

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