Can't I add an app to the Twin App?

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Hi !

In Korea, where I live now, Kakao Talk messenger is the most famous.

Kakao Talk does not support Twin App, so I would like to know how to add an app.


  • I don't know why many other apps are restricted under this twin app feature.

  • I have a guild line to add unsupported app to twin app by yourself, simple but need ADB

    However it is Traditional Chinese, would you mind to translate it by using google translate?

  • Hi, samuelx02 !

    You are now using Google Translator to create content.

    ADB is installed.

    If I add Kakaotalk as ADB, will it be available without any disruption to the original?

  • Is root req for adb to enable "twin apps" for all apps.

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    Maybe I can use my bad english to translate , seems not difficult

    All credits goes to自行修改應用分身支援-app-列表#latest

    (Stupid Zenforum do not allow me to post the hyperlink directly)

    I only translate those Traditional Chinese to English , all credits belongs to OP in the link

    1.Download file twinapps_required_apps.xml

    Remember, you must download the file from right corner "Raw" button, do not press "download zip" to download or copy and paste the strings from the link

    2.Find out the app package name that you want to add , As the example from the tutorial, they choose "GoShare" as an example, you can check its package name from the website version Google play, the hyperlink after "id=" is its' package name.

    For Example ""

    "com.gogoro.goshare" is the package name.

    3.Edit the downloaded twinapps.xml. Find out this string from the file "<string-array name="twinapps_required_apps">" (for apps)

    or <string-array name="twinapps_required_apps_games">(for games). Added <item></item> in the front and after the package name. For example if you want to add "Goshare" in the app list, it should be<item>com.gogoro.goshare</item>. Add it after <item>|imo free video calls and chat</item>. And Save the file.

    4 Connect your phone to your pc and use adb to push the edited twinapps.xml into your phone adb push twinapps.xml /sdcard/.

    5 After pushed the xml file to your file, use this command to update the twinapps list

    adb shell am startservice -a "asus.intent.action.TWINAPPS_CDN_FILE_UPDATE" -d "file:///sdcard/twinapps.xml" --ei "ACTION" 1 com.asus.twinapps/.TwinAppsService.

    if my english is too bad and you can't understand, Please direct click on the link "all credits goes to xxxx"

    Thank you

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