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Is this an error because I can not find in the settings. When I listen to music through headphones, when the phone rings, it does not ring in the headphones, only outside, it is probably not correct, if you travel by train at night, such a bell will ...

I have asus 6z but can't find Auto start Manager

I have few apps that needs to be under auto start manager. But there is no auto start manager in asus 6z. Can anyone help me here. Few apps like IFTT and sms organiser is not working properly because of it.

Calls not received. Texts delayed.

Hello. Just upgraded to the ZenFone 6 (Edition 30) over the new year and notice that many calls from family and friends are going straight to voicemail. I tested this with a friend in the room, and out of 5 attempts, only 3 made the phone ring. Ma...

Data enable

How do you enable data on zenfone 6

Need help

Can't able to update my phone from Android 9 to latest after receiving it today from service center .

Asus Music

Among the programs for Asus was a convenient and very good Asus Music. Bring her back please. Or suggest an alternative.Regards, Oleg.

vahnik by Rising Star I
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Fingerprint Unlock Notification

After I downloaded the latest system update whenever i use app lock and open the lock with fingerprint then the asus launcher for unlocking remains in the notification bar for about 10 seconds.