Google play service draining battery

I d k why but from starting this has been a major issue in my phone..the battery doesnt feels to be of gives performance of 4000mah phone only give 5 to 6hours sot without any sort of gaming and this is really disappointing as battery was one the major factors that made me purchase this phone..this issues needs to be fix by asus asap otheriwise its an serious called 6000mah battery then seems to be of name sake only if this continues...


  • I've seen mods claim that this is a bug in the stats and they aren't displaying properly but I say otherwise because of your SoT, especially considering what you've mentioned your usage.

    I believe the stats on mine are pretty accurate as it seems liable with the SoT I'm getting.

    See Google services and Play Store.

    I have experienced this on my Samsung and Sony phones and recently on my Note 10+ and S10e, which both suffered this issue. So it leads me to believe it's an Android issue but can probably be fixed by Asus once they can pin point this issue.

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