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Connection Issues

I have the the ROG II 128gb with the 12gb ram. I keep having intermittent connection Issues. I notice it a lot with Facebook. I'll be watching a video and it'll randomly stop and start buffering. Sometimes it'll pick back up but most of the time it'l...

Russell by Star I
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Problem with right Air Trigger

Hey! So I'm having a problem with the right Air Trigger of my ROG 2. What happens is that it has some sensibility issues, sometimes you press it and it flickers. Something I noticed and this only happens with the right AirTrigger is that if you force...

gonzaaa_92 by Rising Star II
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FB live is cropped on games under Game Genie

I installed Facebook gaming (FBG) since Game Genie only has inbuilt live support for Youtube and Twitch. And I have all my games added to Armory Crate so the device is automatically optimized when I run them. First thing I noticed is that armory crat...

Hakob by Star II
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Does not charge beyond 60-64%

Well, I woke up today only to see that the phone had dropped down to 56% charge despite being plugged into the original charger using the original cable for the last 6-12 hours. I tried changing to another cable, and I tried a different charger, if t...

Rog phone 2 back glass broke, lighting not working.

Hey,I brought this phone a few months back,while I was sitting,the phone slid from my pocket and hit the floor,the back glass got cracked. After a few minutes,I noticed that the lighting wasn't working too.Didn't know what to do. Restarted my phone t...

Battery Drain Fix

My story:I have The Tencent version of the Asus rog phone 2, I mainly bought it for battery life, I am not a gamer.I also saw that some users report about excellent battery life while others suffer from battery drain issues.In reality the battery lif...

vaxaviv by Star II
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solution for cod mobile (lag and freeze)

solution hello, i sat down yesterday to solve the problem with the rog. I looked at the values ​​and created a separate scenario profile for cod. I adjusted some values ​​there. In the last 10 games I have great scores and no more problems. I hope it...

Resolved! Warranty void if you use 30W charger with 8Gb/128gb variant

Had a talk with asus team that if you use 30W charger with base(8GB/128GB) variant (Global variant) you will void warranty . What's this all about ? Hardware is the same except wifi Ram and storage still warranty will be void

Shubhojit by Rising Star II
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