asus forgot zenfone 5z users, they will forget zenfone 6 users too, when 7 realese

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i have problem about warranty and i posted it. i sent email. nobody here cares. nobody send a message. nobody. i am posting it here too. sorry for it but i need someone to answer.

i gave my phone to asus turkey service because of auto focus camera problem, and now they are asking about 900 liras (150$) cause i dropped my phone and case has some scartches. who does not drop thier phone? nobody. why do they ask that much money? there are only little scartches, is it fair to ask that much money for it? i do not understand. please someone here explain me. i can understand about back cover. because it is glass and it should be changed. and i accept to pay about it but i can not understand about the case. i do not want to change the case and neither pay for it. please someone here help me. they tells me if i do not want to pay about changing case, they will not start repairing. do you guys always change the case when it has some scartches? do all warranty services ask for it? and ask money for it?

i bought this zenfone 5z about 3300 liras (600$) when it was preorder. and now service asking about 900 liras (150$) for nothing. i told them to not repair it. because i do not want to pay for the case. i will add photos when the zenfone 5z back.

i am very sad about it. i feel very bad. i hope somebody here can help me.

my device serial number


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