LED on the back not working properly with notifications

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The LED on the back does not blink when I get a new notification. I've already turned it on and configured it to have certain colors for certain apps in the Armoury Crate. After a notification I first need to press the power button to check the screen and then turn the screen off again for it to start blinking. This does not happen when I have the AeroCooler connected, so it seems to be working fine when the cooler connected.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is there any fix? Is it a known issue? I have the Strix version (the 8gb/128gb European edition).


  • yea same problem for me, good thing this phone still has a front LED indicator.

  • Can you please tell me specifically which app it won't detect. Please make sure you don't have your phone in "do not disturb" or that the app it's not reacting to is set as a silent notification in the apps appinfo

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    In my case I've configured 3 apps: Girls Frontline (a game), ProtonMail (mail app) and Discord (chat app). Each with it's own color. But the issue does not seem to be related to detecting a certain app, the LED does not blink at all regardless from which app the notification is received. I've checked to make sure the phone is not in "do not disturbed" mode and that the apps are not set as silent notification and that "System Lightning" is turned on as well.

    I've also swithced back to the "All Apps" notification options in the Armory Crate and the behavior is the same: the back LED does not blink unless the fan is attached or if I check the screen and then turn it back off.

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    For me everything works except Discord. I get led both front and back (default colour in Armoury Crate) for all notifications, but Discord is not showing any at all. I have to go in the app to check. Why I have no idea?

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    I've managed to get the back LED to blink for Protonmail notification by going to Settings > Advanced > Mobile Manager > Power Master tab > Auto-start Manager and enabling auto start for the app.

    It still doesn't blink for Girls' Frontline. I think the notifications from it are local notifications and not push notifications. Could this be affecting it?

    I will try to see if I can find a friend to test Discord tonight too and will report back with the results.

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    Doublepost for some reason.

  • Ok I haven't managed to get the back LED to blink for either Discord or Girls' Frontline notifications. It also randomly stopped working for Protonmail despite not changing any settings. I've also tried Gmail and it doesn't work properly with that either.

    While testing I had a few instances where the back LED did start blinking but I couldn't reproduce it nor think of a reason why. Perhaps there's some service that's being turned off if the phone isn't being actively used for a bit? I don't know but it's pretty clear the back LED isn't properly working.

  • The LED is designed to only blink with high priority notifications. Maybe the notifications in these apps are not considered as high priority? Gmail is ofc high priority and on my phone with Android Q, it does work with gmail so I guess you just need to wait for the FOTA with Android Q.

  • Is the notification priority an Android/App internal thing? I've never seen any option for something like that. Note that the front LED does blink accordingly, only the back LED doesn't. Are they configured differently in regards to this priority?

    I guess I'll wait for the Android Q update and see if it fixes anything. Is there any release date estimate for the update?

  • Mine flashes with Discord too so I will ask our devs specifically if there are limitations with the System light in Android 9 that has been taken care of in Android 10

  • One last check before I bother them. Have you enabled notification "Customization" for specific apps in our system lighting settings? If you have, then it will ONLY send notifications to the apps you have customized for

  • Yes I have, because it's the only way to set specific colors per app, but all the apps I mentioned and tested were added there.

  • And what if you switch to default "all apps" does it work then?

  • I will test this tonight and come back and report the results.

  • Ok, I have tested with the default "all apps" option but the behavior is the same as before.

  • ok, normally I would want to log your phone but we're so close to Android Q now and all developers are away for Chinese New Year so the best thing right now is to wait for the FOTA (which I can't say when) and see if the issue is still there. Probably not since it's working for me.

  • Ok, I will come back and report the situation after the update will go live.

  • I've updated to Android 10 but the bevior is the same: LED on the back won't blink for notifications unless the phone is charging or the Aerocooler is attached. And same as before checking the screen without removing the notification then turning it off will cause the LED to start blinking.

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