Please add VoWifi WiFi calling feature for India [Threads Merged]

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As Jio and Airtel now have wifi calling in india and soon Vodafone will also implement Wifi calling its time that Asus will add this feature in future updates.



  • Is Asus planning on implementing Wifi calling on the Zenfone 6? I am on T-Mobile. I love this phone but I have bad signals in some areas.
  • I can check internally if we have talked to T-mobile about VoWiFi. Are you from India?
  • Thank you Anders. No, I am from America. More specifically Texas. Was part of the batch that bought from the newest NA release, which I assume is the c version.
  • The Zenfone 6 sold in North America unfortunately does not support carrier specific WiFi calling. 
  • Bummer. Thanks for the information.
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    i'm use ufi box done
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    In the US and just got the Z6. So pumped.

    Until, I saw no option for wifi calling. I will be unable to use this phone at work (or home for that matter).

    Why would such a phone that thought of everything NOT have wifi calling.

    I am so disappointed and shocked.

    Well, back in the box :(

  • Any updates as to if this is going to be supported in the future?

    If not, as great of a phone as it is I am temped to return it. It's a setting that's not deeply hardware dependent so I don't see why they wouldn't be able to add it in...

  • I know therre is already another thread about this, but I feel the need to point this out.

    As far as I know WiFi Calling/Texting isn't deeply hardware dependent, which means that even though the Zenphone 6 is many people's dream phone, VoLTE and an IP rating aside, Asus just chose to not put it in this phone. Could I be wrong?

    I LOVE this phone but I'm about to send it back... Not having WiFI Calling/Texting is a HUGE inconvenience for myself personally.

  • It's software. There are two ways for ASUS to enable it. Unsupported enable which can cause all kinds of issues or enabling it with the carriers support to make sure everything works and this is the hard part because it requires an effort from their side (as well as ours). Field testing needs to be done and documents needs to be signed.

    Some manufacturers have chosen that they are willing to take the risk and all complaints that may follow when it's not working. So far, ASUS had decided against this approach.

  • Currently there are no plans, but as I've said before regarding both VoLTE and WiFI Calling, it might change.

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    I know that some people in Sweden must have functional wifi calling at work, how widespread the need is I have no idea.

    Personally it is not important.

  • Is it possible to get it enabled even with the bugs? I'll take it working sometimes rather than not have it at all.

    I figured it had something to do with working with carriers.

  • Our team has used this argument more than once when we send our feedback to the decision makers, but they still persist on not allowing it. Maybe with time, they will change their mind.

  • Even making it an option in Developer Settings would be welcomed in my case. Even with a few bugs, I would like to have the option.

  • I'm making sure that I keep mine pristine so that I can sell it to get another phone as soon as something good enough comes out. I thought this would be a 2 year phone but it'll probaby be 6 months at most now thanks to this.

    I was concerned that buying a phone from Asus would have issues like this but I did it anyway, never again. So fed up of having to use whatsapp just to make calls at my home.

    Oneplus, Redmi, Pocophone, Xiaomi all support overriding the carrier check through the codes #*#86583#*# and #*#869434#*#, why can't Asus? Seems to be just that Asus don't actually care about their customers.

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    Agree that it is a bummer that there is no wifi calling. I am meh about volte but wifi calling helps when you are in an area that has no signal (so can't boost it). TMobile.

  • I can't get my head around the fact that Asus seem to think WiFi calling isn't an integral feature of a modern mobile phone.

  • Yes, VoWifi/VoLTE is must have feature in US

  • Would be nice but don't hold your breath.

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