Sir my phone portrait mode hanging rear and front camra

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  • Please solutions tell me

  • reset camera data..

  • Don't understand what is going on based on your description. Are you having issues with the camera software or the actual camera module?

    Can you take a picture or screenshot to illustrate what's going on?

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    I think I am having the same issue but only for the rear camera. Here are the steps:

    1) launch the camera app. By default you will be on "photo" mode using the rear camera. You can then swipe left to go to "video" mode or swap right to go to "portrait" mode.

    2) When I swipe right to go to "portrait" mode, the display freezes. The buttons are not working (shutter, settings, reverse camera, etc). The only thing I can do is swipe again left or right to go back to "photo" mode or "pano" mode.

    Everything else is working for me except for that "portrait" mode when using rear camera.

    I hope I explained it well.

    Please disregard as I just noticed that this is not the correct forum for ROG Phone 2

  • Hi John,

    I got my phone today and I too have exactly the same issue.

  • Did you try? Clear cache/data. Or, what is your camera storage internal memory/SD card.

    I got my phone last month. No such issue.

  • Tried clearing data /cache. Force stopped the app and started again. Yet facing the same issue.

    Downloaded gcam and it works fine.

    Any help is much appreciated.

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