Sliding two fingers on the screen causes a sensation of jitter.

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Hello, folks.

I bought my Zenfone 5Z (4GB/64GB) recently, specifically to play some games that other devices that were within my budget wouldn't be able to handle. But I'm disappointed with a detail that, although it looks small, makes a huge difference to the smooth gaming experience.

Every time a game requires two fingers to control (usually first-person and third-person shooting games), the twin stick touch sensitivity doesn't allow me to be precise as I need for such games.

I slide my left thumb on the left side of the screen to control the movement and my right thumb on the right side of the screen to control the aim, as the game requires.

The problem appears when I try to aim while running. What you don't notice when you slide your fingers quickly, when I slide slowly (for greater accuracy; sniping) the screen doesn't respond as it should, generating a jittery stutter...a flickening? (Not my native language, sorry.)

To test more thoroughly, I downloaded the MultiTouch Tester app from Google Play.

During the tests I was able to see that the problem happens when - specifically - two fingers are used. Not with one, not with three or more.

I'm in the stable version of Android 10 that I downloaded from the official Asus website in my country. I was only able to update my device this way, since when it arrived (with Android 8) I couldn't find FOTA updates available.

Anyway, I found this problem even when I was using the Android version that came from the factory on the device.

There are some videos of other users that present the same problem, as is the case of NoOne, which shows in the following video the problem of aiming on PUBG MOBILE shaking when you slide two fingers on the screen slowly:

In the next one he shows it in the test application, how the swiping of one finger flows better than with two:

He gives other examples on his channel:

There is no specific version of the system or applications, it always happens, everywhere.

It's not happening on the Galaxy S7 and S9+, LG G7 that we have here at home, those don't feel the same when sniping in PUBG.

All games are in the latest version and it feels like that since the first time I played.

Thanks in advance!


  • Is here where we get support?

  • Seriously, no one?

  • @CH_ASUS @Anders_ASUS @LP_ASUS @Kris_ASUS plz take a look at this post hope to get solution for him he is waiting since long for mods replies? ur help will be appreciated alot ✌️?

  • I think they can't talk about this. It's maybe an issue that can't be fixed. Jei_ASUS ignored this after his "standard" questions.

    ValeeraSanguinar complemented the description of the situation making her own post on Old ZenTalk, with videos that shows the issue breaking the game experience.

    How can Asus ZenFone 5 play it better than 5Z?

    Valeera's post is called Multi-Touch issue is still not solved!:

    "I bought the 5Z near it's release date in my country and the Multi-Touch problem is here since the first day.

    It's like the touch panel don't have full Multi-Touch support, as seen in the MULTITOUCH TESTER app:

    When you move one finger on screen it moves as expected, smooth (good, not great anyway).

    When you try the same but with another finger holding on screen, movement gets sluggish compared to doing the same with one finger. The moving one gains a delay of almost a second. If you do it, but slightly sliding the moving one, you'll see the "low FPS" effect. (Funny that it doesn't happens with one nor even with three fingers or more, I should call it...Two-Touch issue?)

    It breaks any smooth gaming experience that the rest of the hardware have to offer.

    There is no specific firmware, app or game nor any specific version of those. It's happening since ever, everywhere.

    In THIS VIDEO you can compare the gaming experience between ZenFone 5 and 5Z. If it's the same touch panel, there's something wrong, huh?

    In THIS VIDEO you can see (fullscreen) that the aiming and the camera movement in First-Person or Third-Person games are being harmed by the issue.

    You can find OLDER and UNSOLVED POSTS about it over ZenTalk.

    Please, calibrate it or just tell us if it's a hardware "gimmick"."

  • @CH_ASUS ur help into this is much more appreciated ? he is posting since months over old forum no one replies there to his issue so i request atleast give him a helping hand by ur side, for all we 5Z users you are the only hope of solutions ?

    and his issue states that zenfone 5 does everything smoothly then why not zenfone 5Z ? Even having better specs over zenfone 5 ,If they share same panels software seems to be gimmicky here ?


    Take a look on the video above, please!

  • Hey, @amitgarde3, good to have you here.

    But I'm starting to believe in Bruno's theory. It's maybe a hardware defect they are trying to hide.

    My camera is here now and I'm about to start a tech channel, with deep gaming test on devices. The 5Z display will be my example of a bad display on every video.

    It's dimmed down and lower DPI on Android 10, but the worst still the 2-touch defect.

    Sorry, Bruno. I give up, and I'll be talkin'bout how ASUS is a bad brand on both device construction and support.

  • No one cares

    Do whatever you want on your YouTube channel :D

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    But for helping us they don't move their asses. \o/

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