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Deletion of multiple contacts from my contacs

Baby by Star II
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So I have the ROG phone 2 and I was wondering if the Gamevice handheld device for the 1st ROG Phone will work for the 2nd ROG Phone.

Router RT-AC68U

My router updated the firmware this morning and now I'm not able to connect to the internet via WiFi. I found the previous firmware version online and installed that and it's still not working.Any help is appreciated. I'm so frustrated.

asus zenfone5z not fully charging

hi asus support/ usersseems asus zenfone5z not fully charging to 100% anyone else facing this issue ?note : i m stil on android 9 with nov. security patch update.

Max pro m1 huge issues

I am using 6gb variant and the battery is draining very fast and I have lag issues and neither my storage is full nor using games ASUS help me #DON'T BUY ASUS PHONES ???

5z Android 10 stable update bugs

2019-11-28-09-58-42.mp4 @Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS 1)Pls look at the video taken by screen recoder. Having difficulty between navigating apps. It gets stuck in between. Pls help meI went in safe mood but the issue still persist .2) the accent color chang...

kaizu by Rising Star I
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After Android 10 Asus 5z

one thing i noticed after upgrading to android 10 is accent colors function is not working. is keeps on showing the default color that is blue even after changing it. attaching the screenshot for reference. check the accent color in notification pann...

Guri27 by Rising Star I
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"Sea of ​​flowers in Xinshe" photo sharing

The theme of this year's Flower Carpet Festival is [Love and Hope's;Le Petit Little Prince's Planet Trip].  I take pictures every year, and this year is no exception. Sunlight makes flowers more beautiful. With ASUS mobile phones, record beautifu...

kikoly by Hall of Fame I
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