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Network issue with zenphone 5z since 2 days

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I am facing network issues with my zenphone 5z and seems like a widespread issue and not specific to my phone. Phone will not catch networks on any of my sim. I have followed the recommended steps but they do not help. I could not visit a service centre as I am in the UK and on top of that it should be solved by ASUS with an update as it starts to happen after an update and should be resolved by releasing an OTA. Please do not make it worst experience of my life and make me regret getting an ASUS phone.

Try "Setting > System > Reset Option > Reset Wifi, mobile, Bluetooth" Option...
Else try swapping sim 1-2 or 2-1

I am facing the same issue. Hi naveen thank you for the options but it is not working. Does any one have and other methods please do lets us know. Going to go to service center tomorrow. will update.

Facing the same issue after the update , nothing is working tried a lot of setting hacks from YouTube.

All of sudden no network, though sim are ok, this is second time it is happening with asus zenphone, earlier in December 2019, that time I have to pay 500 Rs to service center for software glitch, which is responsible of asus co. And this time all of sudden network gone. I tried everything but ??