Asus rog pheno 12/1tb global FPS problem

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Hello friends

My English is bad I'm sorry

I'm playing mobile pubg asus rog 12/1tb global model and when I see the enemy in the game fps 30 40 screen freezing doing the game starts 60 fps single circulate 60 fps but the enemy there is soon 30 fps

How many fps is your game size?


  • Mine is always running at 60fps. Maybe try to reinstall pubg or check in armory crate if the gameprofile is set correctly/run x mode.

  • Are u playing pubG on smooth or HDR graphics??.

    To my experience i know Rog 2 won't give consistent 60 as it gives 52-60 fps for me but the fps won't drop below 50fps .

    Do u record 1080 p vedios while playing??

    For me i won't even use X MODE but also i get 52-60 fps.

    If ur recording 1080 p vedios then that could reduce ur fps .SO if ur recording then record at 480 or 720 p and see what happens.

    And also try using X mode at HARDCORE TUNING and check ur fps

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