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Net work problem

Hi this my first asus rog phone II. And i am super excited about this device and I am happy the device performance up to mark. But there are some minor glitches I am facing from the beginning some times both Sims showing no service and wi-fi connect...

jomy by Star III
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Resolved! bluetooth cant communicste with car

My rog phone 2 with android 9 is unable to connect to my car reno duster 2018 via bluetooth. I have tried many phones all successfully connected. The car window show ready to be paired and the code is 0000 but when i connect my rog phone 2 to the car...

Gyroscope problem in pubG mobile (Sound warning)

As i am a pro gamer i had mastered gyro in my old one plus 6t but after switching to this rog 2 phone the gyro seems to be a little unsettled the recoil many times goes a little right upwards or left upwards by itself which make the recoil uncontroll...

Asphalt 9 crashing

After the latest update of Asphalt 9, the one introducing Rimac C2, the app started to crash while playing. Mostly in Shanghai and San Francisco races. I reinstalled the app completely, but it keeps crashing. Problem is in Asphalt, as before everythi...

OPC by Zen Master II
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[Kunai Gamepad] Does it work on PC?

Hi,On the eshop (french one to be exact), it says "Compatible only with ROG phone II and PC in USB mode". Does it really work for PC? And how can I configure inputs to make it works for PC games? (tried to configure inputs for Rocket League but nothi...


Is this battery duration good?

Hey everyone. I wanted to share this picture to know if the battery is working properly. I have this duration of battery: 4hrs -> 37% of battery. Is that fine?Thanks!



I noticed while playing games on my new ROG phone 2 the screen heats up. It's uncomfortable to my thumbs, I understand that's where the copper heat sink is located. But the main reason for this post is cause I wish Asus would change the passive coole...

Kunai gamepad - issue with the left stick

When I push the left stick to any direction, it seems to snap the output direction to 0, 3, 6, 9 o'clock. For example, when I push it to 1 o'clock, I can tell the virtual stick in PUBG pushes to 0 o'clock instead. This issue makes it very annoying to...

famevn by Star I
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