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Yesturday I had not played game but I used my gyro in pubG today and saw the instability was gone . Idk how but from yesturday I had done these three things:-1. Downloaded accelerometer calibrator app and calibrated my mob.2. I installed the newly av...

Security patches

Since October the ROG Phone 2 hasn't received any security patch update and asus is so careless about providing it! Now even samsung phones also run on the latest software but here comes asus with worst software as well as after sales service.

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Resolved! Bug Reporter App - is it Asus app?

Hey ! I as hoping you could help me with this . i keep getting bug report generating and uploading almost daily , is it normal ? is it from ASUS? i have never seen the app before it just randomly appeared . ( pics have been attached ).


Ear phone or mic issue

My phone calls are mostly very inaudible either to me or to the person i call.Having very disturbed voice calls.

Display awake

My ROG PHONE 2 DISPLAY doesn't sleep when i keep the phone on charge until i press the lock key.

Lock screen clock font

How do I change the default lock screen's clock font?I find it difficult to read. Thanks.