Zenfone 6 signal graph not always visible and reception disconnects with Android Auto

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I'm not getting any signal graph or reception information on latest update. Can't remember if it was a problem earlier since I updated day1 of getting the phone to Android 10

Data/phone/etc all does work fine and car also shows signal information so it's "functioning" correctly.

Screen shot of what I'm talking about: You'll see the 4G is there but no graph next to it.

I did try to turn airplane mode on, wait for a few seconds, then turn airplane mode off. It shows the graph with the x (expected) then shows a 100% filled graph and a few seconds later disappears back to above image.

I also noticed that with Android Auto that the phone drops signal/reception completely at random as well and does not come back until airplane toggle is done. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this?


  • Another user had a similar issue (ignore the title, he used one thread for two problems) and I logged his phone to see what's going on.

    If you'd be OK with logging your phone, I'd be happy to investigate what your Bluetooth/Android Auto issue is.


  • I just realized your issue is more "Connected to Android Auto and losing 4G" than a Bluetooth issue. So similar, but different.

    I'd still be happy to log it as a separate issue. Reply to this post if you'd like to try a log and I'll PM you instructions.

  • Apologies, i did also compound this with 2 problems as well.

    The first problem is generic with or without Android Auto. It almost seems like it's related to 100% signal strength problem because I can block the frame enough to reduce signal strength and I get the graph.

    With regards to android auto problem yes, I'd like to help support/debug. Like the other thread it could be a while until it happens (if at all) so let me attempt to trace down something reproducible and how long it takes to get there

  • I sent you a PM. Understood that it might be difficult to reproduce, but if you can catch it we'll do our best to diagnose it.

  • @david.grundmann Any progress on this?

  • Some. On the Android Auto it's rather difficult to trace down a predictable drop. Yesterday it dropped 15 minutes into a drive, today nothing at all and worked flawlessly along with many other times. So that's still an elusive one to figure out. What I do know is that as soon as I disconnect the cable cell/internet comes back to the phone immediately. It's almost as if the car radio suggests to the phone that it doesn't need internet.

    I saw the FOTA update a few days ago so will go download that and do a manual install along with the flush/reboot option in the PM. Though it'd be nice to have something that I can reproduce the drop data to know if the full install worked :)

    For the signal graph It's consistently showing blank where my office is. I'm going to see about an experiment by using the second sim slot with a same carrier to see if both graphs drops at this location (dependent on other persons' phone needs). I have a sim at the moment on different carrier but the reception seems to be much less here so it's not showing any blanks.

  • Status update: several uses of Android Auto have only showed one instance of disconnects. I've been playing/streaming music a lot while on drives so I'm going to try more with "idle" connections to see if somehow it's going into a weird low-power state and disabling the radio.

  • I already report this problem and found the cause. If the signal strength is over 53%, the bar graph becomes black. Please fix.

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