Asus Issue with Fingerprint Scanner

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I am Using Asus ROG Phone 2 8 GB RAM Variant

Facing Below Issues

1)I am Facing Issue with Fingerprint

many of time fingerprint wont recognise my fingerprint, then i switch to face unlock + Pin+ Fingerprint Now Even After Phone Unlocked, Phone Show Fingerprint Logo on Screen

2) Night Mode camera Issue

Night Camera Pics vert than ever i experience in my life

3) Very high Heating at Air Ventilator

as soon as i Start Game its start Heating Even More than Any other phone ( I dont have any tools to major Temperature but) its definitely more than 45 degrees

4) Youtube issues

you tube crashes several time in full screen mode ( May be App Issue ) but same version of Youtube is not Crashing in other phone

5)Lock Screen Notification

As any one expect if i am listening song i expect shortcut to pause/ play/ next/ previews option must be in notification bar but some time its there sometime its not

Please suggest any setting or Solution

Expected Improvisation from Asus in Software

1) Camera

2) Cooling

3) Ram Management

4) Notification

5) Fingerprinyt Senser


  • Fingerprint logo Appearing even after phone unlock

    Photo with Night Vision

  • What firmware are you on?

    Did you already try to add the same finger twice so it recognizes faster?

    More powerful phone equals a higher heat output.

    What is wrong with your RAM management?

    1. Please remove your old fingerprint and make two new ones using the same finger twice.
    2. You need to keep the camera very, very still when capturing in night mode. It's recommended to take several photos. One of them will hopefully turn out much sharper than the one you posted. It's also recommended to use the timer instead of touching the capture button as this makes your hand shake.
    3. This is because we let the heat out. It's actually cooler on the inside compared to other phones with the same hardware.
    4. Not a know issue. We could log your phone to find out why but before that I would recommend you to clear the storage in Youtubes app info. Just hold the youtube app icon for a couple of seconds and press the small "i with a circle" to enter app info.
    5. It's weird that you only have this sometimes. If it was never visible, then I would have some idea which setting that could be wrong but now I don't know. No one else has mentioned this issue before.
  • Hi I have the very same issue as well,same version of phone too 8/128,am on latest software update and have not only readded my fingerprint but also did the adding of the same fingerprint twice as well and it still causes an issue.The thing with mine is it works at times and it randomly at no point stops recognising on its own I have no clue why. Is there any fix for this?

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    I would comment on 2 things:

    1. Night mode there is nothing wrong with the phone. It's a small sensor as in any phone, Iso is high and shutter speed is long. You have to plan a shot, hold your breath while waiting the camera to finish exposure time and preferably use the timer and a kind of a firm support during the shot. Doing all that you can get satisfying results. What I would improve is the noise and sharpness management and colour rendition. Those are the best in G-cam's night mode.

    2. Temperature. Yes the phone gets hot pretty fast because of heat dissipation, but it keeps that temperature for hours and it doesn't throttle. I can play Asphalt all day long without issues. When the game was tough I used to put my Note 8 in the freezer for 10 minutes to make it work again. Rog 2 just runs and runs. So nothing wrong there. I also tried Note 10+. Rog 2 runs better.

  • I am also facing an issue with finger scanner, the scanner is not working and due to covid Lockdown here ,can't go to stores to get it fixed. Can j have some help here to find out the exact issue?

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