flaws or area of improvement in Rog2

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  1. Correction issue. While typing if i want to select between space of small text like between if to. It is hard to find the right spot. I have to zoom in to mark the right spot.
  2. Hide option in gallary. There are pics or contents you want to keep it hidden from kids. There is no option of marking a pic or video under hidden tabs.
  3. Missing android 10. It has been too long from launch of oxygen still the update is missing.
  4. User friendly keypad. We expect more user-friendly keypads with better rech of special characters and numbers.
  5. The cleanup aap. It's too detailed it deleted bloody almost everything. I just want to boost my phone's memory not restore it.


  • that 5th point tho lol hahhahah true

  • Hey bud,

    You might want to try out 3rd party keyboard instead of the one that is provider with the phone which I think is a google keyboard and it is so annoying, I faced the same problems you do. So I downloaded swiftkey.

    You can hide your photos in the ROG Phone II by keeping all the photos you want hidden in a album and go to the album tab and then press the 3 dots and bring down the menu and find hide/show albums.

    1. that's because you're doing it wrong :) You're supposed to hold the blue marker and drag it. Then you will get a magnified view of the word and marker with fairly good precision. I've never experienced this as an issue
    2. You can hide albums so move all the things you want to hide into the same album and hide that one. You find hidden albums in the album tab by pressing the 3 dot menu in the top right corner
    3. It's coming. We've already updated ZenFone 5z and Zenfone 6. ROG Phone II is next.
    4. We use Gboard which is considered one of the best. You're welcome to switch it with swiftkey or something else if you aren't happy.
    5. This is what it does or it wouldn't have any effect. You generally don't need to clean your phones memory. Google will allocate what it needs automatically. Users still want to clean their memory because it used to work like this in the first version of android and back in the old Windows days. My suggestion to you is to not touch the memory. It's better to restart your phone if you feel that it's slow. If that doesn't help, then you have an issue somewhere else. It's not the memory
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