Not able to flip the camera

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After the update i am not able flip the camera and couldn't access my front camera and in addition to these the phone goes blank and displays black screen during and after calls.


  • Phone goes blank during calls - this is even if you are holding it in your hand? (Not against the ear)?

    Could you try to reset your device if this is not too cumbersome?'

  • Do you use any cover, case, screen protector?

    If yes, test your phone without it.

  • I have the same issue, not using any cover and screen guard also does not help. Irritating that i cant do anything or use my phone during a call and have to wait for the person to hangup first so screen can come up.

  • Also not able to flip. I have no cover or case. What should I do?

  • I am also not able to flip the camera and when I am hearing an audio in WhatsApp or in a call with someone the screen goes black too. Having the same issue

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    I called the customer support and they recommend to Install Android 9 after reset of the Phone doesn't Work. Keep you updated ?

  • Hi i resolve my problem. So i just change my protector fone case and work normally, but i made two things, update the firmware and calibrate the camera.

  • I believe any excess weight or pressure on the camera makes it obstruct, that's pretty bad actually, a very sensitive level of sensors, but I solved my problem by changing the case I used, updated the firmware, cleaned the phone, cleaned it the camera app and restored to the factory default and calibrated the camera. I think it is some software error along with dirt, weight, volume and pressure.

  • I found my error, screen protector.

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