Do somebody like Android 10?

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I would like to ask a question. Is there anyone who feels or notice that Zenfone 6 got better after the update to Android 10?

I mean somethig really noticable. Faster UI etc.

Like really, someone who can say "Android 10 is awesome because ecerything is even faster, better...."

After my update the phone was very laggy.

I did factory reset and it got better but after 4 days I downgraded (or better say upgraded) to Android 9 again and everything feels better and it feels that the phone, simply, works, with Android 10 there was always "something". Some problem, lag, something that I couldnt really describe, like some bad smell you smell and it disappears before you locate it or find out what it was.

My problems with Android 10:

-Shitty camera - especially night mode

-Poorer performance, lags, stutter, freezing

-Phone vibratres during calls like from touches on the screen

-Double tap on notification bar (or simply top of the screen) does not lock the phone

-Slow fingerprint scanner

-Sometimes, it is mostly seen when you restart the phone, when the home screen is loading, the bottom buttons and top notification bar is loading like "separately" from the rest of the screen

-I couldnt find a way to open contacts right away, only through call log

-I haven't notice any change in Batterry performance


  • La prima cosa che ho notato: diminuito il segnale di 2 tacche per la sim 1 e di 3 tacche per la sim 2.

  • Well,

    Android 10 is awesome because everything is working.

    In my case...

  • Did you update yet to the latest version .73? It may fix some of the issues you are facing.

    Another potential fix would be to reset your device - although understandably it is not something most people want to do.

  • @CH_ASUS: He said that he already did factory reset...

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    I am on WW_17.1810.1910.73 and I can confirm only these your points:

    -Shitty camera - especially night mode

    -I haven't notice any change in Batterry performance

    Camera is worse at night (removes noise too aggressively), battery consumption is probably the same as in Pie (not worse as some users reported).

    I am very satisfied but I use Nova launcher and original Google applications like Phone, Contacts, Calculator, Photos, ...

  • I totally understand what you mean. There are also a bunch of minor glitches throughout the whole UI that I mentioned in some of my own discussions so hopefully they can fix these issues soon! :)

  • I hope and believe it, because ZF6 deserves it :)

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    Everything works fine in my case with Android 10, I can't say that anything was exceptionally better but it performs exactly the same as Pie so I'm happy with it.

  • Mine just died today. Bricked, dead, kaput. Updated to android 10 (don't remember the exact update version) in the morning (~9am), and was taking a picture at night (~7pm), the screen went black, the phone shut down, and I haven't been able to turn it on again. Tried all the voodoo combinations of power/vol up/vol down/camera without any luck. When I connect the phone to the charger the led doesn't turn on. Casually, the phone has today 180 days since I got it.

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    Wow, that's some bad news. My phone stops responding to me sometimes but usually after a minute of black screen systemui gets reloaded and everything's fine. A motherboard issue after a half of year sounds very disturbing

  • With the latest update, I kinda like it because it works fine. Nothing really better than Android 9 though. But when I first switched to 10 I had serious lag issues that made it unusable if I didn't reboot everyday. With the latest update, I think it's safe to update.

  • Well and that is the point. So much problems for lot of users for nothing...

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