Every FOTA update has some new bugs on ROG2

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@asus Team, It looks like an every FOTA update for ROG 2 comes with some new bugs rather than fixing old issues. Could you check with devs for this strange behaviour? Is FOTA distrub basic/core functionally of Android. I was a OnePlus user and I never had such issues. I like the ROG 2 very much except some frustrating issue. This can be great phone if you test the FOTA properly or find out the cause of new issues on every update.

Listing out few examples.

1. Unresponsive Touch after Latest Update.


2. Refresh rate option is greyed out


3. App Notification background colour keeps changing


and more....


  • How about enabling VoLte yea ? that is important too.

  • VoWiFi, very important as well

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    @LP_ASUS @Anders_ASUS , Looping them to understand the problem with FOTA. I'm not feeling happy that I get updates regularly, instead I'm worried to update them.

    Could you take this feedback to your team to investigate FOTA changing existing functionalities.

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    This is the reason why I didn't update mine with recent firmware. Minor UI bugs can be ignored but I can't live with unresponsive touched, excessive battery drains , broken functionality etc...

    I'm very familiar with Asus Zenfones. Had Zenfone Max, my mom currently uses Zenfone 3s Max, my close friends use Zenfone M2. One similar thing I see with all these phones is bad software updates. Every update breaks one thing or another. Just go to Asus India page and check user comments, you'll understand degree of situation. All these boil down to one simple understanding.

    Devs don't test the software properly before pushing to users. To me ROG 2 will be my last Asus. I've bought this phone for only 2 things, 6000mAh battery which isn't living upto expectations and AirTriggers which can be substituted with triggers attached. I've had LG V30 for 2 years in which it never got frequent updates but the ones which it got were absolutely bug free and never had any performance issues. My experience with Asus is very different here. I thought ROG 2 is Asus's flagship but I see Asus is not treating it as flagship. Heavily skinned mid tier phones are also getting monthly security updates but ROG 2 phone is not ???.

    Hope devs read this and take this higer level.

  • I agree, Rog 2 will be my last Asus too unless they find a root cause for FOTA bugs.

  • 1 and 2 are both under investigation and will be fixed for sure. Finding these issues internally isn't easy as it can be multiple things that cause these bugs. It can be, that if you have this app and that setting, only then will the bug appear.

    No 3 will be fixed when we update to Q.

    I don't question that you had a very happy and carefree experience with the previous brand and it might be that this brand has slightly better statistics when it comes to number of new bugs with every update but just because you didn't experience them, doesn't mean that they weren't there. I can go into any forum of any brand and find similar statements. I used to have brand A and never had any of the issues that I'm now experiencing with your brand B phones. And this is true for any device with software. Doesn't matter if it's a Phone, or a modern car. The more functions, the more things can go wrong and a phone has more functions and and software combinations than anything.

    I'm not saying that we don't need to improve but you're fooling yourself if you believe that this is unique to ASUS phones.

  • I'm aware that all phones have bugs. No phones are bug free. my point is that user experience is completely based on how soon company fix the issue. Eg, notification color changing bug.Your are saying that this bug will be fixed only with Android Q. It sounds like Asus doesn't have good devs to find and fix it. That frustration part, notification is major thing in phones. We receive notifications for all the apps and the frequency is high. If a company is not fixing these kind of major issue then how come a user feel happy. More over this issue has started happening couple of update back so this is something with FOTA. Cant you investigate that particular FW. Hope you understand the difference here.

    My point, FOTA should fix old bugs and shouldn't create new frustrating bugs. We are happy that we get frequently updated from ASUS but the same time it is a sad new that we end up with new bugs on every FOTA. I did factory reset to check the bugs. With no third party apps phone has all the above issses. So it confirms that FW itself has bugs.

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    I don't want to criticize but I think you needlessly have a defensive approach which I see here and also when talking about the camera. You needlessly compare yourself with other brands. Let us, customers, do that. Rog 2 is not perfect, it has some bugs, but actually it gave me one of the better experiences I had. Let me back that up with some facts.

    What about my iPhone 6 plus which after a major update practically became useless and Apple "generously" offered me a new battery at half the price. I had to buy it to keep my phone running. Of course I bought the battery but will never buy a new iPhone again. Also proprietary ports and cables are designed to crack after some time and you have to buy a very expensive "made for iPhone" replacement. The software also at first release is very glitchy, but Apple is polishing fast and credits for that, gives major system updates for 5 years.

    What about my Note 8, which, despite Knox and Kaspersky Internet Security preinstalled, due to security flaw got hacked twice through apps which I paid in the Play Store and one of these was an Editor's choice app for scanning documents and editing pdf files. I started to receive blackmail emails. The flaw was eventually reported by Play Protect but was already to late.

    From that perspective bugs on the Rog 2 are "minor" issues which I believe will be polished up. I believe Asus is listening to it's customers and will do best to create a large and loyal customer base. By polishing software, enabling VoLTE worldwide and making sure that Chinese phones are not sold worldwide, Asus would create a large and loyal customer base. Which the Rog 2 itself deserves.

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