Custom Rom and Custom Kernel

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I have recently moved from xiaomi redmi note 5 pro to Asus Rog phone 2. I have see the fabulous specifications that no other phone are at this price range. I am using phone with extra customisation like installing custom roms and kernels for some special features. I have redmi note 5 pro. I use many coustom roms and kernels on this phones it is the best phone for customisation at price range of 12k but when i purchase rog phone 2. I thought there are more developers are ready to work with the rog phone to push the limit of phone and unlock some extra features or some Kernel to boost up the performance as well as battery or unlock some special features but no developers are interested on this phone.

If i am the developer so i will always try to unlock some extra features with this fabulous rog phone 2 please help


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