Some more fix!

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Thanks for fixing the speaker burst issue?

Some more fix and suggestions:

1. Still the accent colour in developer options options is not changing

2.can we have a option to hide the small bar that appears in bottom of gestural navigation like in the swipe up on home button.because it is annoying. is somewhat unable to focus while taking videos is there any camera update coming@Anders_ASUS

4.option to reset the phone without losing data

5.cannot change the wallpaper and the live wallpaper lock screen at the same time.

6.some more options to customize the phone is appreciated.



  • Hahahahahahah... If they will impliment these things it will beat oneplus 7??

  • Then why are they not doing these changes as asus fans we can only give ideas which are very simple yet powerful but they are not somewhat considering. hope they will bring these features through future updates.?

    1. We're working on it
    2. I believe we don't want to touch this. Some things need to stay stock android
    3. Can you please show us a video? Video focus is fast enough to me
    4. ok, I will forward this one. I see that this could be an important feature for someone with a lot of local media files.
    5. This is a Google Android limitation. Nothing we can do about it unless there's some third party app that can make a live wallpaper for you with different wallpapers for lock and home screen.
    6. Always ;)
  • Thanks hoping to see the changes in future updates@Anders_ASUS

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