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My zenfone 6 screen has green tint which bothers me. If I try to change color temperature I only get more blueish tint or yellowish green tint. Is this phone going to have white balence settings at some point? My friends zenphone 6 screen looks much better with white backgrounds. I don't know what I should do with my phone, because this screen issue bothers me. Otherwise I would really like it,


  • Can you take a video of your phone from another device? If you have access to your friend's ZenFone, could you compare the two side by side?

  • Left side is my friends zenfone 6, right is mine. Even though left looks bit reddish it looks really white in real life. Mine looks even greener/bluer in real life. Both are with default settings. first picture with 50% brightness and second 100% brightness. Pictures are taken with automatic settings with olympus tough tg4

  • If I had to choose the display according to your photos, I would choose the one on the right :)

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    Thanks for the pictures, that is a clear difference.

    Is there any chance that one of the phones has Night Light enabled?

    Are you within the return window with your reseller?

  • No, both are with nightlight disabled and default screen settings. I migth be able to return it, but I dont know if they allow to change it to a new one. Usually they want to send it to repair (which means repair service says that there is nothing wrong with your phone)

  • Yes that is very true. The repair center would probably refuse a screen replacement for this case. I think approaching your reseller is the most viable option.

  • Yeah, I just don't understand why there are no proper settings to manually calibrate screen. Because screen itself is fine, default calibration (or lack of that) is bad

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    As far as I know some color shifts in displays are caused by weird screen glue. It's not a major flaw but if it bothers you I'd send it back (for a refund; warranty service could call this not severe enough to be fixed)

  • For me also the screen is like yourself i am ok with it the screen just has a cool tint that's all,brighter white. it only appears reddish as your friend when i turn on night light.

  • Like Darqor said, this picture won't represents what the screens actually look like to the eye. Its only purpose is to show the color difference between these two screens which it succeeds in. The difference is so big that there shouldn't be any issue getting it fixed

    Please email our support. You can use the image you took to explain the issue

  • Hi,

    I have exactly the same issue with my new Asus Zenfone 7 that I received today.

    Did you guys resolve the issue somehow?

  • Install -Oreo Colorizer -app from Google play. It will fix the issue. Press -start- button on the app after install. Try and let me know

  • Go to Splendid display setting, choose Customized option, on Hue slider bring the slider ball 2 steps back, don't touch the Saturation setting. See the difference and tell me

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