Camera not paning

daithiqdaithiq Level 1
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When in the camera app I can pan the camera up to selfie mode in one sweep. But when I'm paning it back again the camera pans back and then stops and when you press it again it pans back a bit more and then stops again. So on and so forth until it comes back to normal.


  • What about when you're in another camera app and use the on-screen camera control to pan. Does it stop then too?

  • Yes it stops functioning in other apps too. But when you open the camera for screen recognition it's fine. It's just in the camera apps that the pan doesn't work. It pans a couple mm back and then stops and then you have to reset and pan again and it moves another few mm.

  • Anders_ASUSAnders_ASUS Level 6
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    humm, I haven't heard of anyone with a camera issue identical to yours. My best suggestion is to backup your phone, reset it and hope that it helps. If not, then you need to send it for repair. Sorry :(

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