Mobile manager bug in .191 clear cache bug...not doing anything

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On .189 I was able to clear cache of all the apps by going to setting--advanced--mobile manager--cleanup--scan cache but now it just show me mobile manager only but on .189 it was showing all apps. It is very handy feature..can u please look into this bug. @CH_ASUS @anderlai57 @LP_ASUS @Anders_ASUS

@lp5566vs183 @Titan_ASUS


  • You have probably emptied it already ;)

    I just compared a .189 and .191 device and they both show lots of apps that can be cleaned

  • @Anders_ASUS is not working on my device at all...just showing mobile manager and no other apps was working fine in .189.

  • Others aren't having this issue with .189 so maybe it will start working for you again when you update to .193

  • @Anders_ASUS its still not working. Dont think many people using it so no such reports but for me its not working even on .193

    I had two more queries

    1) is there any difference updating phone via ota or download full build of 1.8gb and then update?

    2) I downloaded full build of .193 and parked it to internal memory but system was not picking it up rather it is asking me to download ota update and finnaly i had to settle on ota. why is it so?

    3) If anyone want to only update phone via full image then whats the option?

    1. The only difference between FOTA and downloading the FW manually is that the manual one from our website includes all updates. It doesn't know which version you are at so this is why it's much bigger than the FOTA
    2. Did you unpack the FW because you're not supposed to do that. Place the zip in the root folder of your phone. Maybe you need to restart it but most times, it will see it right away
    3. Do i manually by downloading from our website
  • Hi, did you solve this problem? I can only confirm that in version WW_17.1810.1910.73 it works fine for me.

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