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ZenUI keyboard mistyping issue

I am facing this issue where when a key is pressed from a row the keyboard is taking input for the character of the row below that row. I have attached screen recording of the issue.



Hi, according to your question, could you provide your product model and firmware version?

Whether the problem occur only when using specific application?

May I ask have you make any changes or update anything then the problem occur?

Please make sure the firmware is at the latest version. Thank you.

I own a Zenfone Max. I guess this has something to do with the screen resolution. The keyboard is not adapted to bigger resolutions in portrait mode. Whereas when the phone is rotated in landscape mode it works fine.

The keyboard works fine in Google search box in Chrome, WhatsApp text status screen.

When I tried the keyboard by installing the apk available online in other phones, because it's the only keyboard I like and prefer to use, the same problem occurs but only in a few cases. The keyboard only works fine in the phones which have some certain screen resolutions.

Please provide an apk which is adaptive to all screen sizes.